Business Development Marketing

DRIVEN is a business development marketing agency.

Our experience in the automotive sector extends twenty years.

We have been responsible for some of the most recognized programs and projects on the automotive landscape.

The DRIVEN team focuses on serving automotive dealerships,manufacturers and after market suppliers with decades of experience in digital marketing, product promotion, media relations, product launches, consumer events, training initiatives and customer development.

When we are assigned a program we identify all the opportunities associated with the client’s business and build a marketing development program that will get results. This involves putting the programs in place for all business growth requirements. We work meticulously on each element of a project  leading to measurable results for our client.

Today’s digital  marketing initiatives provide interactive engagement with the intended customer plus a method for measurement of success.  The program data is reviewed with findings being incorporated to ensure an even greater degree of success for the growth of the program.

Our DRIVEN  business development marketing model uses post project information analysis to ensure that findings can be integrated into our offerings to provide further business growth opportunities for our clients.

Business Development Marketing

Business Development Tools
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We Are A Diversified Organization

The DRIVEN Business method identifies the best team, targets the most effective program components and implements the best ways to deliver your content to your intended customer.

“We have more choices, more options and more resources than any generation, ever. “
– Seth Godin

We Are Experienced

Our project assignment development includes understanding all aspects of an assignment, identifying stakeholders, building and executing on the marketing plans, solidifying the deals and creating outstanding projects keenly targeted at the intended customer.

DRIVEN has a proven track record of developing programs for OEM manufacturers, dealerships, aftermarket suppliers and new product developers.