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INVESTOR GARAGE – New Reality TV Series

People invest in cars for pride of ownership, ampoule egotistical gratification and the investment.

Each episode of the Investor Garage TV series will visit an owner of rare, classic or exotic automobiles.

We’ll explore their collection and learn about the history of the vehicles.

Jim Martyn

Jim Martyn

Hosted by on-air automotive super talent, Jim Martyn, Investor Garage will be a digital TV  production and will be aired on its own website (under construction

It will be supported by Twitter and Facebook as well as other social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube) destined to support various components of the show production.


The site will air all new episodes and provide updates on collectible automobiles, collectors and major events such as Pebble Beach, Amelia Island and Barrett-Jackson auctions.

Here is our Marketing Presentation for more details:


How a show is developed at Drive 4 Entertainment.

We are constantly coming up with new ideas for programs.


The concepts that meet some basic criteria and still valid after some internal review, are further developed as potential shows.  More refining takes place and then the show concept is tested for its commercial viability.  This is done in part by pitching the concept to colleagues and friends that have interest and expertise in the business that the show would be targeted towards.  If it is a show about dogs, we talk to dog owners, pet store owners, vets, etc.

Once these interviews are completed and assessed, the show is reviewed once more internally and then gets a final go/no-go.

Investor Garage has made it all the way through this project development process has green light for fall launch.


Ron Baker
Ron Baker
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