Marketing in 2015 – The Plan

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Marketing in 2015 – The Plan

The most important part of any marketing initiative is the plan.

In the digital environment, abortion content, viagra sale social media, emails, downloads or multi-screen environments are examples of some of the elements to be considered once a plan has been clearly defined.

The plan must:

  • Define what is to be  accomplished
  • Identify what messages are to be presented to achieve the goal
  • Determine the traditional and digital “eco-systems” that will best present the messaging
  • Provide a method to monitor progress and adjust implementation accordingly

The following are our observations of the marketing landscape in 2015, including elements to be considered when implementing a plan.


Ron Baker
Ron Baker
Ron has been bringing leading edge communications programs to businesses for more than 25 years. He has created and headed up production and marketing companies. Ron's focus has always been on improving the final product. He continues this trend by developing and presenting programming on various digital platforms to adapt to the changing way we enjoy watching and interacting with entertainment. Follow him on Twitter @ron__baker