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We Live In A Digital World

DRIVEN DIGITAL was created to assist businesses and individuals in adapting online internet based promotions into their marketing strategy.

In January 1991 the first web servers were switched on (outside of the original concept servers housed in Cern, rx Switzerland).  That was the beginning of the world wide web as we now know it.  Fast forward to 1999 and the phrase Web 2.0 was coined to define using technology to add to the functionality of the static pages that represented the current web sites of that time.  Companies leading this innovation included search engine companies such as Infoseek, Alta vista Yahoo, Mosiac, Netscape, Explorer and eventually Google.  E-commerce became major internet destinations with e-commerce sites like Pay Pal, eBay and Amazon.  Next add social media collaboration sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  Now anything that can be imagined has a place on the internet.  This includes home thermostats, TVs and kitchen appliances.

In 2014 digital media spending ad placements surpassed traditional advertising spending for the first time in history. This past holiday season saw an estimated 45% of North Americans shop online for gifts.

Now as we launch into 2015, we see a world wide web that is stable and well beyond its’ infancy.  A place where every company and every business professional must have a presence to be recognized and seen as progressive in their field.

In many cases an initial contact with a potential client is first followed up with perusal of your website. The decision to return your phone call is often predicated on the information gleaned from your website.

If the contact is of a peer to peer nature, then quite likely the next place the potential client will go is use a search engine such as Google to look up your identity.  Search results will show up in everything from LinkedIn profiles and corporate website biographies (including charitable boards) to media coverage.

Not having a presence on the internet today is the equivalent of going to a trade show without hand out material or gong to a networking event without business cards.  It simply should not be considered.

However there is a difference between having a presence on the internet and incorporating the web into your business marketing and advertising strategy.

That is the difference we try to identify and explore with our customers here at DRIVEN DIGITAL.

We learn as much about a company or individual as we can and then provide a blueprint of digital marketing services to use on a stand-alone basis or to incorporate into an existing marketing program.

Meanwhile we are constantly researching and learning new programs and better ways of delivering our work.  The world is interconnected and is not about to wait for anyone, so we have a commitment to constantly improve our product offerings and deliver the most up to date programs to our customers.

Ron Baker
Ron Baker
Ron has been bringing leading edge communications programs to businesses for more than 25 years. He has created and headed up production and marketing companies. Ron's focus has always been on improving the final product. He continues this trend by developing and presenting programming on various digital platforms to adapt to the changing way we enjoy watching and interacting with entertainment. Follow him on Twitter @ron__baker