Marketing Events

The most effective marketing program that will put you ahead of the competition.

Event Marketing Based On Experience

We offer event program development, promotional programs, show design, off-site representation (pop-ups & event participation) and digital media support. Once elements of a project event are clearly defined, we will work with your existing team or bring in our own specialists.  Together we will create an end to end event solution destined to improve your business successes.


Marketing programs we offer include; target audience identification, success strategy mapping, advising on budgeting and exploring numerous methods of expanding audience size.  All aimed at increasing awareness of your product or service.

Backed by a proven track record of promoting and producing programs that ensure  an ongoing presence in your business target market.


Sales are the life-blood of any business and we are here to help them grow. Our expert programs ensure that you see an increase in your sales funnel activity.  We will analyse current and past sales patterns, identify areas for improvement and recommend the necessary changes.  Training is available as a component of our offerings and can be implemented once a program is set in motion.


Online marketing, advertising and web based inventory updates are key components to the success of any modern business.  Experience and resources are available to you to create and manage all aspects of a digital marketing program.  Including your website, real-time inventory updates, search optimization through to  Google and Facebook advertising.  A comprehensive program will be built that will guarantee measurable results.

We will help you reach your business event objectives.