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DRIVEN is a full service marketing agency.

We have been a supplier of some of the most unique and effective programs for our clients over the past twenty years.

At Driven we create buzz for every project with digital, social & influencer marketing, media relations and in-market promotions.

When we develop a program for a client, we identify all the opportunities  and build a marketing campaign that delivers. We work meticulously to execute on each element of a project  leading to measurable results.

Digital initiatives provide interactive engagement with the intended audience.  These also provide a method for measurement of success during and post campaign.  The program data is reviewed and findings shared with all key stake holders.

Our DRIVEN model uses analysis of collected information at every step of a campaign to maximize impact and engagement for our clients product or service with their intended target audience.

Marketing 101


People Are Our Most Important Asset


Our Programs Deliver on Experience

We will steer a client campaign by pin pointing the intended target audience. Next we identify the most effective program components ( not just the ones most currently in vogue).  Once we have that basis we build a marketing package.  As key elements are put in place, we select the best team to produce the work so as to provide an exceptional experience for our clients.

“We have more choices, more options and more resources than any generation, ever. “
– Seth Godin

We Are Experienced

Our marketing program development includes targeting audiences, mapping out the strategy, budgeting, building relations, implementing marketing programs and ultimately increasing memorable audience experiences that lead to sales.

DRIVEN Marketing has a proven track record of promoting and producing marketing/sales campaigns with growth rates that ensure ongoing success.

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We can help you reach your business goals and objectives.