Driven Marketing was formed as a partnership with a Fortune 100 company who saw the benefits of a proposed event marketing program, to support one of their brands.

For over 20 years Driven Marketing has been recognized as a leader in creating marketing, promotions and event programs.   We develop campaigns using proven methods and integrated technologies that return top results.

Effective management is at the foundation of everything we do which allows us to consistently create first class marketing initiatives for our customers.

Our Advisory Board have a combined eight decades of experience in corporate business. They represent organizational management, technology integration and program production.  They advise on our programs and provide a clear knowledge of the business landscape.

Continuously improving our methods enables us to keep pace with the ever changing landscape of marketing and advertising including the shift to digital media platforms.  We will determine how the platforms can best be used to enhance a particular marketing initiative.

Our commitment is to offer leading edge ideas and solutions based on today’s digital online and social media platforms while continuing to explore and research new opportunities. We are always looking to tomorrow.

Our diversity can be attributed to understanding the basics.  The basics of a marketing campaign are the same whether it is a national product roll-out or an exclusive opportunity for a select few.  We have produced programs in many formats and in very diverse mediums. This expertise is evident in every project we accept – we are flexible in any situation and can adapt quickly.

Hundreds of programs including international information summits, national launch tours and branded television productions represent some of the programs we have delivered.  

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With An Eye To The Future