At Driven Marketing we produce all types of marketing and awareness campaigns for our clients.  We also produce a select number of our own events.

One of the reasons that we create our events is to use them as a test bed for new technologies, set ups and production considerations. We beta-test on our events so that when you bring us on as your marketing partner, we can provide established proven elements to your program with full confidence that it will be effective and a benefit to your project. From PPC advertising to social media and public relations to suitable app technologies.

Marketing Services

  • Market Analysis
  • Developing effective marketing plans
  • Target audience identification
  • Communications strategies
  • Advertising
  • Personal Services Contracts
  • Sponsorship Solicitation
  • Online PPC Promotions
  • Digital, social and influencer marketing
  • Post event analysis and reports

Corporate Representation

We provide:

  • Research
  • Effective Activation
  • CRM Support

Our senior staff have produced hundreds of marketing programs.  We know how to activate on your behalf as a marketer, an advertiser, a sponsor or vendor to get maximum results from any campaign.  Knowing the specific audience is imperative.  This allows us to create a presence for your company or brand that will be effective.

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