Marketing & Promotion

We are experts at creating awareness campaigns for our clients.  As consultants we provide an independent overview. We ensure all elements of your company’s marketing crew are working at peak efficiency and performance.

We can provide established proven elements to your program with full confidence that it will be effective and a benefit to your project. That includes PPC advertising to social media and public relations to suitable app technologies.

The basics of sales and marketing have not changed but the ever-changing landscape of today’s marketplace, make it increasingly difficult for a business owner to keep up with all the latest trends.

That is where we can help.  Our programs are constantly updated and amended to ensure that they are effective at delivering more sales to your business.

We offer sales programs, marketing programs, digital programs and cross-functional properties that lead to a full implementation of your company sales strategy.

Sales & Marketing Services

  • Market Analysis
  • Development of Sales Programs
  • Target audience identification
  • Communications strategies
  • Advertising
  • Event Production
  • Sponsorship Solicitation
  • Off-site representation
  • Online Promotions
  • Digital, social and influencer marketing
  • On-going and post program analysis and reports
Our Services


We provide:

  • Research/Anaysis
  • Effective Sales & Marketing Activation
  • Advertising/Promotion Support

Our senior staff have been involved in hundreds of marketing programs.  We know how to activate on your behalf as a marketer, an advertiser, a sponsor or vendor to get maximum results from any campaign. Knowing the specific audience is imperative.  This allows us to create a presence for your company  that will be effective.